the black embodiments studio

A yearlong writing residency querying how definitions of blackness are produced and expressed through visual, aural, and affective realms—engaging three domains that underwrite the physical and metaphysical dimensions of inhabiting black skin. In focusing on embodiments, The Studio highlights the term as a verb that invokes activity and movement, as well as the temporary and fleeting; as a dynamic category of analysis that is accessible across disciplines, the language of embodiment clears space to consider the repeated, performative constitution of blackness while remaining attuned to the material consequences of being black.

Residents of The Black Embodiments Studio participate in a yearlong writing workshop that culminates in an Open Studio exhibition of their work. Residents participate in intimate workshops with artists, curators, scholars, and critics who are invited to the University of Washington to give public lectures as their work on contemporary black embodiments models the critical intersections of aesthetic and theoretical practices that residents strive to clarify, interrogate, and advance in their own writing.

This structure of developing writers who attend to the many and diverse politics, practices, and pleasures surrounding black embodiments aims to bridge the multiple modes of criticism developed in the academy, contemporary art writing, and writing in the larger public sphere.